About Us

MS Development Holdings (MSDH) brings its decades of experience as a developer and builder to property investment and to its lender-investor advisory practice. MSDH's principals’ experience in all property segments and our industry relationships enable us to bring a powerful array of experience, skills, and capacities to our work on behalf of our clients.

With combined experience of hundreds of years investing, developing, constructing, financing and restructuring, MSDH’s principals work with lenders and borrowers with properties involved in litigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy and receivership to resolve conflicts and maximize realized value.

MS has significant client focused, transactional advisory and arrangement capability (including using its own capital in support where appropriate). Our expertise is particularly strong in two areas that are especially relevant to financial institutions.

The first is constructing and implementing tailored, and sizable, non-performing loan purchase and/or other arrangements that are both economically sound and sensible, and yet significantly improve the client's performing loan, etc. ratios while reducing the required capital, and the future possibility of further write downs, for such loans.

The second is fashioning and implementing arrangements, tailored to the client's particular needs, that can cost-effectively release "trapped" capital gains capital in real property used in the financial institution's business without compromising control of such core assets.

Our non-performing loan arrangements are very much designed to be far more "loan holder friendly" than, say, sales to distressed loan buyers or simply retaining such loans, while our "capital release" programs are especially designed to minimize the capital release cost.

Our work in all areas emphasizes workable solutions that are economically balanced and substantively respected all round, including as relevant from the regulatory, accounting and public company treatment and reporting perspectives.